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Apr. 27th, 2011

Quality of life....

So I guess every time I have a “moment” I show up on this blog… well that’s what it’s here for! Read on at your own risk!

So today started out with a thought on the quality of my life. It seems like no matter what I do, how I do things, the quality pretty much does not improve in my head…. The reason? I don’t seem to have a proper relationship with my parents.

To take an example, folks came over to Coimbatore for a few days to kinda take time off, relax and apparently to spend some time with me. In the past 3 days, I have not had time to sit with them and talk or even have them think about spending some quality time. From the time we landed, it has been complaints of rats in the house, how to keep things clean, what not to do with dishes, swami, clothes, sheets, plants, yada yada yada. This house is great… there’s a nice garden, brilliant design for fresh air, terraces that are spacious and generally a relaxing feel to it. How much time has anyone spent in enjoying it? Zilch. Wake up, clean… get breakfast ready… get lunch ready… coffee… second coffee… tea for people… is there nothing else mothers can think about spending their mornings on? And it’s not an enjoyable task… my mom has no bleeding clue on how to live a stress free life… everything is a race to get things done, listen to bull comments, get pissed at something, control people and the whole nine yards. I got up this morning, tried to get my chai done and the only conversation I had with mom was what to clean and how to do things. What happened to good morning… how are you… let’s sit for 5 minutes like a civilized family and alteast pretend to be interested in what crap comes out of your mouth? Instead, it’s a running stream of etchai, patthu, dirty… and the growing concern of how I need to be fed… look at me god damn it… I have enough crap in my body to keep me alive for weeks without food!

I guess it comes down to what you perceive as a relationship. So far, it has been transactional. I tell you something, it gets done, or I make you feel sorry that you didn’t do it and get it done by eating your brains off. Here’s food, eat and go do your own crap. Here are the groceries, make me more crap. Here’s the laundry, do dry it…. We tend to feel good that there is an occasional please and thank you attached with requests and is comforting that a yelling does not accompany it always. If there is one meal without some stray comment or bickering, it’s a great day. When does it ever move from measuring life by what is not wrong to what is great in life? Why do we want so much control over what happens in life to be able to feel good? What is being content? Ever since my head came down from being an inflated jackass, I’ve wondered about having an open, meaningful relation with my mom. Be able to tell her everything in life… be able to sit down and have a genuine effort to get to know the “person” as opposed to her role - “mother”. It has at some point become a middle ground of where I tell her things and she ignores what she does not like (which pretty much is everything) and when confronted, throws out the punch line “I should just not talk because nobody likes what I have to say”. WHAT THE FUCK MAN! Am I dumbass to confront you if I don’t give a rats ass about you? I guess this is where I understand the term “art of conversation”… it’s an art to be able to converse and not discuss anything important, nothing personal, nothing meaningful and at the end feel completely happy that a bunch of lines have been exchanged.

The most popular approach is to just ignore and run away from it and convince yourself that people are the way they are and live a lie by thinking you had a wonderful relationship with the parents. This also seems to work like a charm… after a few years, you know how to nod at the right times, say the right things and be happy. I guess that’s where we are driven to… frustrated and dejected. It’s great that we try to connect with people and throw out gyaan on how to do certain things without knowing shit about how they lead their life and who they are. Yes… I feel good that I told him to stop being an idiot and eat less fried food and cheese… It’s great that I got an opportunity to tell him to make his bed properly and torture him to sleep early to get more rest. Whoopdedoo! Congratulations! Live in your own damn bubble.

In the end… all I really want is to show them that life is more than rushing to keep people happy… make yourself happy. Go sit on the terrace in the morning sun, have a chai… don’t worry about the dust / dirt… go for a walk… enjoy the fresh air… pick your flowers, sit in your swami sanctuary, cook what you feel like, eat happy and have a life without bickering! For me, that’s quality of life… how many times in a day do you look back and wish it was different… wish things were better… wish you had more than a transactional relationship with people called family… wish you were just plain content with life. For now, I guess it is shitty… but maybe sometime… in the distant future… before we lose our marbles, we can sit down and talk because it makes us know each other better and feel that a family is what we really were.

Sep. 19th, 2009

An anniversary that hopefully leads to more ;)

So today is a special date in my calendar... it was the day I started my first real job in the corporate world! Yay! I survived a whole year without driving people nuts at work and thankfully them not driving me out lol! 

So a year ago I ventured into Business Development with no clue on what it was and my only thought was man, this was the perfect profile I'd fit! And I still stand by it... this IS the best fit for me and makes me enjoy each day! I guess the fact that I get to learn new stuff everyday is just too exciting to pass! Add to it a Great team and there you have it... a mantra for success! In this year, I've been trying to sell a solution to people here in Chennai and man it's been a roller coaster ride (literally) in doing multiple demos and visits to clients! But I think the icing on the cake is that my team has finally cracked a client who we prospected on our own, did our own BD for and spent countless hours meeting with them. Well, I am the manager for that account, but good job team! I think I would go down in Sales history as the first guy to have sold something after a year into his career... hehehe I dont care, but Ima happy :)

To add to the fun, I also have a new bike... my beauty! A Bajaj Avenger cruiser... at 200 cc and enough power to move my big self around :D! Oh and its so comfy my butt keeps thanking me! So does my back... and every other part of my body I guess! lol. The only sucky part is that I have to run the engine in for 2000 kms and man that's gonna be long! Until then I cant unleash the beast in it! But hopefully that should be done in a couple of months... lets see. And it's blue... I know Harini, black is sexier, but imagine riding down the coastal highway with the sunrise, a cool wind in your face and then think about the coooooool blue ;) Yup... that's it :D And I guess I never wanted something that was a chick magnet... it's more like a filter to get the crazy chicks out... the ones that think the bike is hawt, got their head screwed in right :P And yes, I am taking rain checks for rides :D ... charges are a beer and chocolates hehehehehehe

Oh so since my folks have been back, they've had a hard time adjusting to the fact that I work late and only get home by 10 or 10:30 and then have dinner and all. On most days I get a reminder call from my dear mother reminding me that there is a home with food waiting! Oh man, I gotta tell you, it's such a good feeling to have mom and food waiting at home! When the folks were not here, dinner was mostly a sad affair with soup or take out... now it's hardly either! I think since mom got back, I havent even bought a packet of soup! Hmmm... soup... i need to pick a pack up :P But yea, getting back to the point... I come home late, I work late, I go out and come back late and sometimes I go grab beer with the guys right? 

Oh man, mom and I had "the talk" where she was like, I think you are having something that is making you fat. *straight face* "what are u talking about mom?" Dude, it took all of my strength to keep that straight face on! I could not stop laughing at her remark! Anyhow, so I told her that I drink beer and I like having a good chill out session with the guys or my colleagues or in general, friends! And you should have seen her face... all serious and sad and ready to cry! I had to tell her to relax and explain why it's nice to have some time off and beer just seems to go well with unwinding :)... ofcourse she didnt buy it, but I also did mention that at most times, it's just 1 drink and I'm home and it's more the company and the talking that we look forward to.... which is actually true! I def need the de-stressing that a beer brings about after each week at work! And seriously, one beer a week is kinda pathetic for someone like me! Oh well, I guess I'll be content with what I have! So yea, now she still asks me all the time, but I dont feel guilty and lie to her face and I'm atleast having somewhat of a relationship with them. I seriously hated the times where it was just get angry, go to my room and blast the music! I guess that's another thing that is freaking her out... that I tend to sit down and talk about everything! I'm on a zero tolerance for this stupid 10 year old treatment with her now... seriously... u get angry, dont be stupid about it and just let it build up.. u talk it over and carry on with life! As it is my folks have a bagillion things to crib and whine about without me adding to their misery... so my little bit of atleast forcing my mother to sit down and listen to my blah blahs!


So yea... a year later, I'm still earning, beering, partying, chilling, enjoying and I think I will enjoy this a lot lot longer! Feels like a huge milestone and I truly think it is... around the same time last year, it was really hazy and i was lost before I got this job! Anywho, like my bhabi says... everyday is a new day and it will be great! And I think this post would be kinda incomplete without shouting out a big thanks to everyone who was trying to knock some sense into my head and didnt stop trying! Ofcourse, Bhabi takes the cake and she knows that I have a special treat for her ;)

I guess time for snoozes y'all... be good and take it easy! Shall see ya in a bit!

Jul. 19th, 2009

Three weeks ago....

Three weeks ago, I went to the airport to pick an aunt up.... instead, I found a tiny boy running like mad who jumped on me! Talk about surprises! For a second, I had no clue what was going on, but my nephew and Bhabi had tagged along with my aunt! The next few weeks of my social life were filled! :D As you know, Bhabi is extra special and I was psyched that this time I can take her out and spend a LOT of q-time. To my other mannis, you are all very special to me too :)

I have no clue where the past 3 weeks went by, but I'm not sad that the time is gone... I'm glad that I got that time! Going from working 14 hours, I was planning so that I can wrap up in 10 and head over to meet my nephew and talk about Transformers till we bore even the walls about it.

We tried a new restaurant in Indra Nagar called Delicasteen (I think) which was a multi cuisine place... After a long time, I was having a sit down dinner with just Bhabi and we just sat there and yakked... no worries about getting home early, no other commitments it was nice to be able to do what we wanted to :D Oh ofcourse, a little tradition of ours, we walked to the corner store and bought some chocobars! I mean we got home after dinner and dessert at about 10:30 or so... and no comments about "why this late, where did u go.." yada yada. I think both os us just loved that part! I'm sure I'll get in trouble for saying that, but hey... I'm a tad over 18 and can figure out when to get home!

I think what I liked most was the fact that I was able to talk to her everyday. We share a very interesting wavelength where we talk about anything under the sun and it was like having a best friend from high school! Ofcourse, we went through a lot of vambu... something that we cant live without lol! What I liked most was that after work, I did not have to come home to think more about it and try to get more things done before bed. I liked that... there was a good balance to life. Something that I probably wont do now that I'm alone. I'm a work drone... always trying to figure things out n all. Also, it was nice that I could talk about a lot of my work stuff around her and get gyaan! Being a noob in the corporate world, it helps a lot to have someone to offload on... and for sure to have someone to always talk to about anything.

"THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME" ... a chant that a 6 year old screams everytime he sees my bike! I think he's seen a lot of Adyar, Mylapore and Santhome on a bike. He also figured out directions at points! It's amazing how spending 15 mins on a bike can cheer a kid up! We went to the beach (Marina), a game arcade, toy shopping in Mylapore and it's nice to see the world through a kid's eyes! We built sand castles, splashed around in the water... and got our trousers, shoes and everything else we walked on sandy!! Oh the best part.... we went toy shopping in Mylapore. He wanted to buy two toys and we looked through all the road side shops around the Kapaleeswarar kovil kolam for something he liked. We bought something called Bakugan... they're balls that open up into some characters when you throw them on magnetic cards. Interesting and amazing at how many of these things there are! So at one store, he wanted to buy one and I asked the price of this toy. The guy said 70 rupees. Prannu for a second said "70 RUPEES" that is a lot of monies! So I looked at the kid and said, yes that is a lot of monies... how much do you want to pay? He shrugged innocently and I asked him if 40 is a good price. He said ok and I look at the store owner and tell him, the kid said 40 and he had no choice but to sell the toy at Rs. 40! Cool eh, he's bargaining an all at 6!!  Oh and we watched the classic Transformers.. the one from 1988... he was blown away by the number of transformers he's seen! His favorite now is Grimloc.. the leader of the dinobots! Thanks to me, Ravi is gonna have a hard time lol. I just opened up pandora's box full of transformers for this kid! Oh we also had to do Pizza Hut for Prannu... he loves it.. I mean, he goes crazy there! Playing with all the kids in the play pen and getting all ready for some nice pizza and sody pop! The pizza was kinda sad that night, but still.. he was happy! 

Extending the bike rides to the mom, Bhabi finally got on the bike to go more than 100 feet! See, I am a safe rider! She actually toured all of Adyar and took a trip on ECR to Neelankarai with me. If you ask me, that's the only way to travel! The wind in your face on a mild sunny day :D Talk about a relaxed Saturday... well atleast for me! I think I'm the official chauffuer now! It's just so much easier than taking an auto and car to places and getting chores done. No parking hassles, traffic hassles!

Oh I forgot... we also went to this restaurant called the Rainforest. This is an underground restaurant that is themed as a rainforest. They have fountains, water ways, bamboo furniture, monkeys hanging around, crocodiles etc etc... one place that kids will freak out! Well, they had soft toys for all the animals, but still... they've done the place well. The only problem is that it's too freakin popular. We had a wait of an hour and 20 mins on a wedensday evening... WEDNESDAY! People really like to eat out! In all, a good outing tho. Another 11 pm night :) 

Man, I have so much to write... but I think I will save it for my next post... time to hit the sack and on a happy note :D Come over folks... this place is great! So many things to do and so many places to see! Oh and our bet is still on Bhabi... December! 

Good night and sleep well! Tomorrow will be great! 

Jun. 27th, 2009

Read at your own risk... post after a looooong day!

I think it was about time I came back here... being lazy was one part of it! What made me write this post was a movie that watched tonight... Taare Zameen Par. Literally translated it means stars on the ground, but I think it's how we think about it is the important part.

The movie is about a dyselexic 9 year old who gets shunned by his school, friends and eventually his parents have no choice but to send him away from home to a residential school to get him "disciplined" to get into the grind of studies and careers. The child is lost, depressed and has no one to guide him in the right way and comes close to losing it. Then a teacher in this boarding school guides him and gets him out of it all and he comes out to be a regular student who does well in school and shines as an artist to be recognized by his whole school.

The movie was a masterpiece. I think every aspect of it was done perfect. But it's not only the movie that made me scribble in here... it's the after thoughts that did.

A lot of us get lost in the rut of studying, working, earning a living that we seldom stop to take a breather and wonder what is really going on. The race to be the best at everything, the neverending search for money, always looking at how to optimize for greater efficiency.... is this really all there is? Many of us have dreams that remained dreams.... a subdued part of the concious mind that we want so bad but have realized cannot become reality. Aim for the sky, you would atleast hit the tree is nice to hear and we settle for "why do I want to the hit the tree in the end?". Unless there is a clear path, we stumble... we are scared to wander off course and find ourselves standing naked in a pool of piranhas. Well, to be fair to them fish, the clothes wouldnt have helped anyway, but u get my drift.

Stop and smell the flowers... we've heard that a lot and a lot of us have avenues that we look to for some sort of comfort. Me, I play my guitar, play world of warcraft, watch movies, sit on the beach, yada yada yada. But at the end of my comfort time, there's reality that slaps me in to the world of targets and clients and numbers and bills and what not. I love my job... I am good at what I do... but there is a yearning to do more than just wear formal clothes and see more money come in. I fear that somewhere I will lose my individuality and become a drone that only looks at climbing corporate ladders and raking in more money. What scares me even more is that I realize that part of life is what I need the most at this point. A source of funds to fuel the chase. A constant to keep my variables in the equation.

I get constantly annoyed at things, people, inefficiencies blah blah. I've always known that the reason I get annoyed is not cos of everything else, but myself. I rarely stop to think about why I get annoyed and figure out how to make the best of anything. Instead, I sit and mumble about it for days on and it results in being annoyed for a longer period of time. I sometimes make a concious effort to rewire myself to understand things, but there is only so much a human can do. I've said this many times before but I can never say this enough... life is too short to bicker and cuss and be sad about how things are not working out. I have forgotten this oflate and it's time to do what I can do to bring some joy to anyone. We often calls this a rat race and a wrethched world we live in... I hope to live to see the beauty that is all around me... I hope that I would be able to share this brilliant life with people around me and show them that indeed the human touch is the single most beautiful thing. There is something my dad told me a very long time ago that I have strived very hard to follow... I think it was sometime when I was in college and was reeling off course. "Everyday in everyway, I will be better"... today, I understand what that really means.

I think I will start my guitaring soon... start catching up with a dream that's constantly slipping away... not because I think time is running out... because there is a lot of time on my hands.

Good night everyone. I hope that you can look back at this and say "wow... I wonder what he was smoking!!" and that would make me happy! *hug*

Dec. 6th, 2008

The world of Workcraft!

So.... I play this game called World of Warcraft and it's an MMORPG. The game is structured in a sense that you start at level 1 and get to level 80 by helping people out, doing what your told to do or by genocide of multiple things. Work takes me back to my WoW days... starting at level 1 and figuring out all the stuff, asking someone how to do the most basic tasks etc etc. I'm just glad they havent got tired of my questions yet :P

So the past week I've been learning more about MS Excel. The spreadsheet tools. Little did I know that it is one amazing piece of software! It does funky stuff... sometimes too funky! And the only way to learn how to do the funky stuff is from a guy who knows the ins and outs of Excel, but doesnt know DCHP from Static IPs!! ;) I've been picking up on all the useful little tools and hopefully I will get to be a pro with it soon! No more calculators! Spreadsheets ftw! Man I sound like aloser already eh? 

Anyhow... work's been going ok. Getting busier... stressful too. The thing about being in BD is actually increasing and getting business. Until there's a steady stream, you are not doing enough work. And until you get that pipeline going, it's stressful! Sometimes, I just want to come home and watch some tv or a movie or play WoW... but it's never that easy is it? Hopefully I'll get it all worked out so that I can get some down time and brain drain time. I have figured out that it is one of the most important parts of the day and without it, I might end up going crazy or having pre-mature heart failures lol! Ofcourse I'm not stressing to the point of fainting... but I sure do need to work out that genocide at the end of the day or watch Vadivelu make an idiot of himself for the bagillionth time! I was thinking about yoga before bed... but I come home so tired and stuff... maybe that is a good time to do it. I dunno.. end of day is usually just park my butt on some soft surface time! I guess I'll figure it out eventually.

Bleh... got distracted by heroes.... sucks having to watch it with every 5 minutes streaming piece by piece. anyhow... good thing I started this post so that I can do this whenever it streams etc etc... thus the disjoint post lol. And heroes... is getting weirder by the episode. What the hell is running through that guys head! Oh, no... not weird bad... weird interesting. Now I jsut gotta wait for the next ep.

Ok sleepy time... need my late sunday morning! Hopefully it doesnt rain tomorrow or bring in that stupid cyclone! I hate wet shoes and water logged roads! Oh well, I guess I'll find out when I wake up// gnitey y'all... catch ya on the other side

Nov. 28th, 2008

Rain rain go away. Little Kausik wants to work!!!!

Yet another week is gone. I wonder why time fast forwards exactly when you need more. Like someone said... I only wish there were 48 hours in a day!

So this past week has been ok. Busy ofcourse, but there shuda been more work done. Anyhow... we lost a couple of days thanks to the super duper rains here in the chennai manaragam. Yes it's been raining. Cats and dogs would seem like lighter rain. So I must add that it was pbbly more like cows and bulls! It rained so much that there is knee deep water over half  the city. No, I'm not exaggerating. The subways are closed, there are vehicles stopped all over the roads, heavy traffic on the roads where there is only ankle deep water... and there's more rain pouring now. Knee deep... not kidding. I tried to get my bike out for lunch on thursday... stupid move, but still I wanted to take the chance to get some home cooked food! I moved 50 feet. Bike stopped... I walked... and grabbed lunch with my VP at his place. He's alone here, so it was hotel food anyway :-/ Good thing he lives 50 feet from that 50 feet I managed to ride into. Ofcourse I had to push the bike through the water and walk in gross water... what's life without walking in crap eh? ;) Later that evening, we actually got a driver from the travels near by to drop us off at home n stuff cos we couldnt take the bikes. It was nice of the folks to let us use the car to get dropped. Though what we shuda realised was that the water level might bee too high for even a sumo to go through. So we drove through west mambalam, rangarajapuram, liberty and then through TP road into GN  chetty st. The parts that didnt have any water were the liberty bridge (kodambakkam) and VN Road. West mambalam, the water so high that bikes and autos gave up, but the sumos and buses still went thro. Rangajarapuram was where most cars gave up and only sumos and buses went.

We got onto GN chetty rd. That's cos the idiot driver missed the turn I asked him to take and doomed us all. GN chetty st... the water was waist high. I'm sure it was cos the sumo was having difficulty moving. and the engine is atleast waist high. That's almost 3 feet!! 3 feet of standing water. What nuts! Anyhow, we somehow got outta there and came to VN road where ofcourse it was not as bad. There was some rain water stagnation, but not to the point where most cars got stuck. I got home, ate dinner and just chilled after the worst water ride ever :P

So it's been raining for the past 2 days and the power seems to be out in most parts cos there are people dying from being electrocuted. Saving lives is more important than some guy running his A/C. Good one TNEB. So I got to work this morning. Took an auto to work... 150
bucks later, I'm in an office with no power, no UPS, absolutely nothing left to even check email. Good thing I guess I checked email earlier this morning and replied to what I needed to. So we started on the water tour again cos we had to head out to get stuff printed, bound and submitted for a tender. We are officially closed today and everyone was sent home. We ofcourse dropped some of the folks where they could get buses and stuff to get home. And then my VP and I went on to enjoy an even better swim than the one the night before. We went
through the same road in rangarajapuram.. 5 lights if it rings a bell. This time, our stupid driver didnt listen to us and scewed us all. The sumo actually stopped. There was so much water that inside the car, we had a few inches of water. Then by some stroke of luck, the car moved and we got out of that mess. Mental note... smack that idiot next time and make him take the main road. So we finally got work done, ate a bit and I went to the office to grab my bike and head home. The ride wasnt too bad. I took the route through kodambakkam and then to GN chetty road (the part that didnt have too much water) and headed home through boag rd.ADventure eh! Yes I think I've had enough rains for a while. Just stay cooler madras... no rain... yes none of that watery stuff that makes the city become a flowing dump! Just the stuff that makes everyone bring out their mufflers and winter jackets while I run around in my shorts thanking you!

Since I got home earlier today (at 5), I got the task of clearing and arranging stuff. I was putting away the photos and ofcourse spent some time looking at the old albums. You know.. the ones where I was thinner, cuter, wasnt so much of a pain in the butt :P Some where Harins had her bushy mushroom style hair cut, Kavi with her round glasses.. kart with a headband and HUGE glasses that made norbit look less geeky.... ravi with a black beard... Vijay looking like he still was a boy and not an accident of puberty... aaaaaaaaaaaaah the good times eh? The ones that made me angry though were the ones of the farm house. That absolute BASTARD! So much fun... so many times we had crowds of people just lazing around and actually spending time with each other. No TV, no radio reception, no cell phone reception. Just an amazing house with the people. I guess after a point it would've turned into a blood bath, but we always knew to leave before that :P But just so many good times there. The best was one new years where everyone got cake and coke on them. Ofcourse it all started with vj :P

Anyhow... I guess someday, I will sit down with y'all and go through these photos and videos and generally have a ball at home. I guess until then, I shall call up my nephew and get some tips on which god/godess to call to kick some monsters from under my bed :P Take it easy and catch ya lates!

Nov. 23rd, 2008

Phew... some relaxing weekend!

So it's been a while... I guess the best excuse would be that I've been busy as hell. A life I so desperately wanted... and am enjoying it all! :P
So bhabi and prannu are in town and with them as an excuse, I had ice-cream after a loooooooooooooooong time! I love chocloate ice-cream! Esp on a terrace with a nice breeze.

The past couple of weeks have been real crazy cos we have been organizing our product launch. The iSystem... an enterprise communication solution. If you are interested, www.perisoftware.com/isystem is our website. So I took the duty of organizing it and getting all the stuff ready and coordinating people and things to be done. Ofcourse it was a scramble towards the end cos we only fixed the chief guest then. So anyhow.

The event was great. We had a couple of brilliant people at the event who spoke and gave us some great encouragement. I'll try to post pics and some news articles covering our event sometime in the future. So this lauch had taken our entire team's efforts and we have been putting in 16-17 hour days for a week. Not to mention that weekends too lol. Anyhow, this week was more or less 4 hours of sleep and crazy stressful work. And I was supposed to go to c'batore on saturday morning. The 6:15 train. Yes... I indeed did miss the train. Not cos I was lazy or was out drinking the last night or cos I was outside with friends or cos I was watching a movie. I was just beat. I slept at midnight again that night cos I was getting work done for a partner out in singapore. I actually kept a bunch of extra alarms so that I get up and make sure I dont miss the train. Anyhow, long story short, I got to the station in a thunderstorm and missed the train by a minute. I Figured there will be another train leaving in the morning, but you guessed right. NO! This my friends, is what they call "shit outta luck"... So anyways, told dad I missed my train and I guess I spoilt the entire day for him. I got home and was just lazing around. I think I dozed off in the middle for a while but just basically relaxing. I figured I'd just stay home and catch up on some time for myself. But, I get a call and sit down to do more work. It wasnt much, but still had to spend a couple of hours making sure it was ok and that I wont get any more work for the day.

Since I Was in town, I took the time to meet up with bhabi and prannu. Prannu saw my bike and got totally excited! So we ofcourse went for a few rounds and he was totally thrilled when I let him rev the bike and all. And man that kid talks! The entire time I was there, he didnt let me talk to bhabi and we had to keep him in conversation! I enjoyed it. Made me miss all my other nephews & neices. Hope I get to see them soon. So after that, I decided to head over and see rukumani! Sadly I get there as she was leaving to some wedding in some place outside the city. Anyhow, the 3 of us cousins took the rest of the night into a super movie spree. Sadly, 10 minutes into the first movie, I was out cold. I couldnt keep my eyes open for a movie I loved and wanted to watch again! (the Matrix btw).

Oh well, I think I need to break now cos I gotta go out to help my colleague get some work done. So will come back and post another one.

Nov. 9th, 2008

Music, book and an orange...

So everyday after I get home from work, I grab dinner and then after the regular cleaning up n stuff, I sit down to relax. Sometimes I sit on the pc to talk to folks, sometimes I just grab a book and read. I turn on some mellow music (I love harini for getting me into it!), grab an orange cos they're the best fruit EVAR, and ofcourse I get my book. Right now I'm reading the hitchickers guide (yes again cos I dont remember it at all, and plus its a masterpiece!) and after that, I'm gonna read the eleventh commandment by archer. Once I'm done with these two, Ima get Angels and Demons and the whole series. I guess that should take me through the year :) I should also grab some books from my library... hmmm time to go visit. I also need to go to landmark to get some stationery.

Would you believe it? We requested stationery stuff from work and sadly they've missed out half our list. We need books and decent looking ones to sit in front of clients and take notes. Sadly, they gave us a 10 ruppee notepad which is made from paper that blots if u use an ink pen. Sigh... Oh I also need to get some good pens. I think I'm gonna go crazy in Landmark today lol. 

Anyhow... the work week is over. Glad it is in some ways, but sad that I cant get work done! Yea, I'm turning into your regular work-a-holic. Well, not that bad, but still getting things done. Yesterday I got to meet an old friend of mine... Raj. He's down here from seattle for a vacation and we met up at Rudy's place. Good times... I spent almost the entire day with the folks and it was fun. Lots of music, lots of pulling Rudy's leg and lots of candy! Man I miss Ghirardeli! He brought the raspberry filled dark choc ones and I was in heaven! And then he got skittles which were even better! Oh btw, skittles made in different countries have different ingredients. The skittles bag Raj brought didnt have gelatin in it. It was made in the UK too. So I guess they just figured why waste the good stuff on americans and just give them the crappy gelatin ones! Oh well, anyhow... I finally got home around 10 and read for aby 15 mins before I hit the sack and started snoring soon after.

I seem to be sleeping a lot more nowadays. It's like 7 hours isnt enough. Well, sometimes I get to bed late, but still.. 6 to 7 hours should be enough. I guess I'm not getting enough exercise either... time to buy some shoes and start tennis! Hmm... good idea...  I shud buy shoes today too! Man, it's amazing how  quick money goes! It's like anything you want to buy is in thousands. Shoes, some 3K... chappals, some 2K... clothes, 1K... eat out, 1K... Hundreds have lost their value and thousand is like cheap change for the public. I guess I'll just play it low and eat at kayyanthi bhavan :P No mom.. I"m kidding!

I'm hungry... didnt have any dinner last night cos I wasnt feeling up to it... time for another orange! Guess i'll turn the music on, grab my book and chill max! Peace y'all... have a great day and cya laters!

Nov. 5th, 2008

Abt time my dear friend....

So tonight's post goes out to my friend Myron. Was on the phone with him earlier today and got to hear some great news. Aditi (Myron's girlfriend) and Myron might plunge into the depths of marriage. Well, it's not a sealed deal yet cos the folks are still talking it out, but I'm sure they'll come to and then I can finally get my party in Goa ;) I've got my fingers crossed man... and remember, bombay is a lot closer to me now, so let me know and I'll go bust a nut if things look like they are going south :P And yes Harini, they finally did it and I think it'll be good... we shall ofcourse talk about this in detail very soon I presume!

Anyhow... the day was pretty busy... we left the office at 10:30 and only got back at 4 after 3 meetings. Talk about a logn day eh? Well, they were good meetings and we might make some good progress on these meetings in the following weeks. The good thing is that I got outta work early.. actually close to 7, but that's still early for me. And I'm listening to Obama's victory speech... It's a pretty power packed speech... but they're good orators arent they? Lets see if they hold up their policies and do some good. What would totally suck is if Obama turns out to be a douche and drives the country further in the dirt. Oh well... c'est la vie? 

Anyhow... ima hit the bed early cos I'm beat. Shall keep you posted on more shtuff tomorrow! Peace out y'all and wake up to a free mind!

Oh the joys of stupidity!

So when ur drained from work, it's amazing how tiny stupid things will get your attention and make you kill a couple of hours.

I found out that picasaweb lets you scan faces and add names to the faces so that it will now list the people who are there in a picture. It's pretty cool how it grabs faces and does the pattern matching. So I decided that I will add names to the faces in my albums. Yea I know... it was easier than sucking in a desi grad student with "free food"! So I started adding names to the faces and guess what? An hour later, I'm not even 1/4th into the entire process. Sigh... so I finally figured out that I'm wasting my time and got up to go to bed.

Anyhow, things are stepping up at work and we're getting to the point where we need to kinda have jam packed schedules everyday. We're def working towards it, but there are times where u just take a back seat to get the pending work done at the office. Oh well. we'll just have to bite the bullet and get things done. I'm sure I see late nights in the horizon! I just hope I can figure out a decent enough schedule where I get an hour to maybe catch the guys and jam up on a weekday. I met them last night for some time and we just jammed. Was fun! It was a nice break from the weird day at work. So from there we decided to eat out cos dad wasnt eating dinner. Well it was just cyril and me, so we wanted to get burger man burgers! They're this food stall chain that make some real nice cheap aloo tikki burgers. And one burger is decent enough to keep you going for the next few hours. So anyhow, we went to the one closest to rudra's place and we were all ready to start eating when the guy tells us that he only had one pair of buns... DOH! So from there started our wild goose chase of finding the next burger man. He told us that it's in mylapore and since I was on the phone, I just followed cyril. I was talking to my VP and we were discussing some important stuff while by the time I realized it, we were near kapaleeswarar kovil and checking that entire side out for burger man. Anyhow.. long story short, after 30 minutes of riding around, we didnt find the damn place! Sigh... we just went home after that I grabbed a sandwich and milk for dinner. It isnt much, but was enough after all that ooru sutting! 

Anyways, I guess time for me to hit the shower and get ready to start my day. Catch ya laters folks... take it easy and have a great day! 

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