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April 2011

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Oh the joys of stupidity!

So when ur drained from work, it's amazing how tiny stupid things will get your attention and make you kill a couple of hours.

I found out that picasaweb lets you scan faces and add names to the faces so that it will now list the people who are there in a picture. It's pretty cool how it grabs faces and does the pattern matching. So I decided that I will add names to the faces in my albums. Yea I know... it was easier than sucking in a desi grad student with "free food"! So I started adding names to the faces and guess what? An hour later, I'm not even 1/4th into the entire process. Sigh... so I finally figured out that I'm wasting my time and got up to go to bed.

Anyhow, things are stepping up at work and we're getting to the point where we need to kinda have jam packed schedules everyday. We're def working towards it, but there are times where u just take a back seat to get the pending work done at the office. Oh well. we'll just have to bite the bullet and get things done. I'm sure I see late nights in the horizon! I just hope I can figure out a decent enough schedule where I get an hour to maybe catch the guys and jam up on a weekday. I met them last night for some time and we just jammed. Was fun! It was a nice break from the weird day at work. So from there we decided to eat out cos dad wasnt eating dinner. Well it was just cyril and me, so we wanted to get burger man burgers! They're this food stall chain that make some real nice cheap aloo tikki burgers. And one burger is decent enough to keep you going for the next few hours. So anyhow, we went to the one closest to rudra's place and we were all ready to start eating when the guy tells us that he only had one pair of buns... DOH! So from there started our wild goose chase of finding the next burger man. He told us that it's in mylapore and since I was on the phone, I just followed cyril. I was talking to my VP and we were discussing some important stuff while by the time I realized it, we were near kapaleeswarar kovil and checking that entire side out for burger man. Anyhow.. long story short, after 30 minutes of riding around, we didnt find the damn place! Sigh... we just went home after that I grabbed a sandwich and milk for dinner. It isnt much, but was enough after all that ooru sutting! 

Anyways, I guess time for me to hit the shower and get ready to start my day. Catch ya laters folks... take it easy and have a great day!