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April 2011

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Abt time my dear friend....

So tonight's post goes out to my friend Myron. Was on the phone with him earlier today and got to hear some great news. Aditi (Myron's girlfriend) and Myron might plunge into the depths of marriage. Well, it's not a sealed deal yet cos the folks are still talking it out, but I'm sure they'll come to and then I can finally get my party in Goa ;) I've got my fingers crossed man... and remember, bombay is a lot closer to me now, so let me know and I'll go bust a nut if things look like they are going south :P And yes Harini, they finally did it and I think it'll be good... we shall ofcourse talk about this in detail very soon I presume!

Anyhow... the day was pretty busy... we left the office at 10:30 and only got back at 4 after 3 meetings. Talk about a logn day eh? Well, they were good meetings and we might make some good progress on these meetings in the following weeks. The good thing is that I got outta work early.. actually close to 7, but that's still early for me. And I'm listening to Obama's victory speech... It's a pretty power packed speech... but they're good orators arent they? Lets see if they hold up their policies and do some good. What would totally suck is if Obama turns out to be a douche and drives the country further in the dirt. Oh well... c'est la vie? 

Anyhow... ima hit the bed early cos I'm beat. Shall keep you posted on more shtuff tomorrow! Peace out y'all and wake up to a free mind!


first, congrats to myron and aditi! hurrah!

second, yup, obama is a damn good speaker. i think he'll be a good leader...he better damn well be!