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April 2011

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Music, book and an orange...

So everyday after I get home from work, I grab dinner and then after the regular cleaning up n stuff, I sit down to relax. Sometimes I sit on the pc to talk to folks, sometimes I just grab a book and read. I turn on some mellow music (I love harini for getting me into it!), grab an orange cos they're the best fruit EVAR, and ofcourse I get my book. Right now I'm reading the hitchickers guide (yes again cos I dont remember it at all, and plus its a masterpiece!) and after that, I'm gonna read the eleventh commandment by archer. Once I'm done with these two, Ima get Angels and Demons and the whole series. I guess that should take me through the year :) I should also grab some books from my library... hmmm time to go visit. I also need to go to landmark to get some stationery.

Would you believe it? We requested stationery stuff from work and sadly they've missed out half our list. We need books and decent looking ones to sit in front of clients and take notes. Sadly, they gave us a 10 ruppee notepad which is made from paper that blots if u use an ink pen. Sigh... Oh I also need to get some good pens. I think I'm gonna go crazy in Landmark today lol. 

Anyhow... the work week is over. Glad it is in some ways, but sad that I cant get work done! Yea, I'm turning into your regular work-a-holic. Well, not that bad, but still getting things done. Yesterday I got to meet an old friend of mine... Raj. He's down here from seattle for a vacation and we met up at Rudy's place. Good times... I spent almost the entire day with the folks and it was fun. Lots of music, lots of pulling Rudy's leg and lots of candy! Man I miss Ghirardeli! He brought the raspberry filled dark choc ones and I was in heaven! And then he got skittles which were even better! Oh btw, skittles made in different countries have different ingredients. The skittles bag Raj brought didnt have gelatin in it. It was made in the UK too. So I guess they just figured why waste the good stuff on americans and just give them the crappy gelatin ones! Oh well, anyhow... I finally got home around 10 and read for aby 15 mins before I hit the sack and started snoring soon after.

I seem to be sleeping a lot more nowadays. It's like 7 hours isnt enough. Well, sometimes I get to bed late, but still.. 6 to 7 hours should be enough. I guess I'm not getting enough exercise either... time to buy some shoes and start tennis! Hmm... good idea...  I shud buy shoes today too! Man, it's amazing how  quick money goes! It's like anything you want to buy is in thousands. Shoes, some 3K... chappals, some 2K... clothes, 1K... eat out, 1K... Hundreds have lost their value and thousand is like cheap change for the public. I guess I'll just play it low and eat at kayyanthi bhavan :P No mom.. I"m kidding!

I'm hungry... didnt have any dinner last night cos I wasnt feeling up to it... time for another orange! Guess i'll turn the music on, grab my book and chill max! Peace y'all... have a great day and cya laters!


you're welcome for the mellow influence :)
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