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April 2011

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Phew... some relaxing weekend!

So it's been a while... I guess the best excuse would be that I've been busy as hell. A life I so desperately wanted... and am enjoying it all! :P
So bhabi and prannu are in town and with them as an excuse, I had ice-cream after a loooooooooooooooong time! I love chocloate ice-cream! Esp on a terrace with a nice breeze.

The past couple of weeks have been real crazy cos we have been organizing our product launch. The iSystem... an enterprise communication solution. If you are interested, www.perisoftware.com/isystem is our website. So I took the duty of organizing it and getting all the stuff ready and coordinating people and things to be done. Ofcourse it was a scramble towards the end cos we only fixed the chief guest then. So anyhow.

The event was great. We had a couple of brilliant people at the event who spoke and gave us some great encouragement. I'll try to post pics and some news articles covering our event sometime in the future. So this lauch had taken our entire team's efforts and we have been putting in 16-17 hour days for a week. Not to mention that weekends too lol. Anyhow, this week was more or less 4 hours of sleep and crazy stressful work. And I was supposed to go to c'batore on saturday morning. The 6:15 train. Yes... I indeed did miss the train. Not cos I was lazy or was out drinking the last night or cos I was outside with friends or cos I was watching a movie. I was just beat. I slept at midnight again that night cos I was getting work done for a partner out in singapore. I actually kept a bunch of extra alarms so that I get up and make sure I dont miss the train. Anyhow, long story short, I got to the station in a thunderstorm and missed the train by a minute. I Figured there will be another train leaving in the morning, but you guessed right. NO! This my friends, is what they call "shit outta luck"... So anyways, told dad I missed my train and I guess I spoilt the entire day for him. I got home and was just lazing around. I think I dozed off in the middle for a while but just basically relaxing. I figured I'd just stay home and catch up on some time for myself. But, I get a call and sit down to do more work. It wasnt much, but still had to spend a couple of hours making sure it was ok and that I wont get any more work for the day.

Since I Was in town, I took the time to meet up with bhabi and prannu. Prannu saw my bike and got totally excited! So we ofcourse went for a few rounds and he was totally thrilled when I let him rev the bike and all. And man that kid talks! The entire time I was there, he didnt let me talk to bhabi and we had to keep him in conversation! I enjoyed it. Made me miss all my other nephews & neices. Hope I get to see them soon. So after that, I decided to head over and see rukumani! Sadly I get there as she was leaving to some wedding in some place outside the city. Anyhow, the 3 of us cousins took the rest of the night into a super movie spree. Sadly, 10 minutes into the first movie, I was out cold. I couldnt keep my eyes open for a movie I loved and wanted to watch again! (the Matrix btw).

Oh well, I think I need to break now cos I gotta go out to help my colleague get some work done. So will come back and post another one.


Kezha bolt! You have to be at least as old as me to fall asleep at the movies! For shame! ;)

Hope all's well with you.
Well.... I shud blame it on the lack of alcohol there then! ;-)

I'm trying to kinda feel like I aint a total loser with some life outside work and it's tough! lol!
hope your work load has lessened a teensy fraction. you're working too hard!
you know, working from home on fri nite was OK but it's terribly frazzling if you do the job i do. it's almost like you're being watched all the time and i hate it.
lol no chance of work reducing... hopefully I get more efficient :P

And who's watching you??? Chill max :D Dont u feel that at work actually cos there are ppl there?
i know you're not in bombay but i hope you're doing all right and everyone's ok.