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April 2011

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Rain rain go away. Little Kausik wants to work!!!!

Yet another week is gone. I wonder why time fast forwards exactly when you need more. Like someone said... I only wish there were 48 hours in a day!

So this past week has been ok. Busy ofcourse, but there shuda been more work done. Anyhow... we lost a couple of days thanks to the super duper rains here in the chennai manaragam. Yes it's been raining. Cats and dogs would seem like lighter rain. So I must add that it was pbbly more like cows and bulls! It rained so much that there is knee deep water over half  the city. No, I'm not exaggerating. The subways are closed, there are vehicles stopped all over the roads, heavy traffic on the roads where there is only ankle deep water... and there's more rain pouring now. Knee deep... not kidding. I tried to get my bike out for lunch on thursday... stupid move, but still I wanted to take the chance to get some home cooked food! I moved 50 feet. Bike stopped... I walked... and grabbed lunch with my VP at his place. He's alone here, so it was hotel food anyway :-/ Good thing he lives 50 feet from that 50 feet I managed to ride into. Ofcourse I had to push the bike through the water and walk in gross water... what's life without walking in crap eh? ;) Later that evening, we actually got a driver from the travels near by to drop us off at home n stuff cos we couldnt take the bikes. It was nice of the folks to let us use the car to get dropped. Though what we shuda realised was that the water level might bee too high for even a sumo to go through. So we drove through west mambalam, rangarajapuram, liberty and then through TP road into GN  chetty st. The parts that didnt have any water were the liberty bridge (kodambakkam) and VN Road. West mambalam, the water so high that bikes and autos gave up, but the sumos and buses still went thro. Rangajarapuram was where most cars gave up and only sumos and buses went.

We got onto GN chetty rd. That's cos the idiot driver missed the turn I asked him to take and doomed us all. GN chetty st... the water was waist high. I'm sure it was cos the sumo was having difficulty moving. and the engine is atleast waist high. That's almost 3 feet!! 3 feet of standing water. What nuts! Anyhow, we somehow got outta there and came to VN road where ofcourse it was not as bad. There was some rain water stagnation, but not to the point where most cars got stuck. I got home, ate dinner and just chilled after the worst water ride ever :P

So it's been raining for the past 2 days and the power seems to be out in most parts cos there are people dying from being electrocuted. Saving lives is more important than some guy running his A/C. Good one TNEB. So I got to work this morning. Took an auto to work... 150
bucks later, I'm in an office with no power, no UPS, absolutely nothing left to even check email. Good thing I guess I checked email earlier this morning and replied to what I needed to. So we started on the water tour again cos we had to head out to get stuff printed, bound and submitted for a tender. We are officially closed today and everyone was sent home. We ofcourse dropped some of the folks where they could get buses and stuff to get home. And then my VP and I went on to enjoy an even better swim than the one the night before. We went
through the same road in rangarajapuram.. 5 lights if it rings a bell. This time, our stupid driver didnt listen to us and scewed us all. The sumo actually stopped. There was so much water that inside the car, we had a few inches of water. Then by some stroke of luck, the car moved and we got out of that mess. Mental note... smack that idiot next time and make him take the main road. So we finally got work done, ate a bit and I went to the office to grab my bike and head home. The ride wasnt too bad. I took the route through kodambakkam and then to GN chetty road (the part that didnt have too much water) and headed home through boag rd.ADventure eh! Yes I think I've had enough rains for a while. Just stay cooler madras... no rain... yes none of that watery stuff that makes the city become a flowing dump! Just the stuff that makes everyone bring out their mufflers and winter jackets while I run around in my shorts thanking you!

Since I got home earlier today (at 5), I got the task of clearing and arranging stuff. I was putting away the photos and ofcourse spent some time looking at the old albums. You know.. the ones where I was thinner, cuter, wasnt so much of a pain in the butt :P Some where Harins had her bushy mushroom style hair cut, Kavi with her round glasses.. kart with a headband and HUGE glasses that made norbit look less geeky.... ravi with a black beard... Vijay looking like he still was a boy and not an accident of puberty... aaaaaaaaaaaaah the good times eh? The ones that made me angry though were the ones of the farm house. That absolute BASTARD! So much fun... so many times we had crowds of people just lazing around and actually spending time with each other. No TV, no radio reception, no cell phone reception. Just an amazing house with the people. I guess after a point it would've turned into a blood bath, but we always knew to leave before that :P But just so many good times there. The best was one new years where everyone got cake and coke on them. Ofcourse it all started with vj :P

Anyhow... I guess someday, I will sit down with y'all and go through these photos and videos and generally have a ball at home. I guess until then, I shall call up my nephew and get some tips on which god/godess to call to kick some monsters from under my bed :P Take it easy and catch ya lates!


and WOW the rain sounds insane! rains in madras, terrorists in bombay...not what i thought would be happening TG wknd in india...
I hope u got the pics...

and the rains werent too bad... just bombay sucked! OH ad now is when all the politicians would condemn activities like this and express sorrow for the dead.... I swear I wish I could kick the living shit outta those pieces of crap. Sigh

Anywho...hope ur vacation is going well :P
i did get the pics but i was talking more about the pics that you were looking at :) but is all good hahaha.

hope the rain went away. and vacation was great...miss home lots and it hasn't even been 24 hrs since i've been back here lol!