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April 2011

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The world of Workcraft!

So.... I play this game called World of Warcraft and it's an MMORPG. The game is structured in a sense that you start at level 1 and get to level 80 by helping people out, doing what your told to do or by genocide of multiple things. Work takes me back to my WoW days... starting at level 1 and figuring out all the stuff, asking someone how to do the most basic tasks etc etc. I'm just glad they havent got tired of my questions yet :P

So the past week I've been learning more about MS Excel. The spreadsheet tools. Little did I know that it is one amazing piece of software! It does funky stuff... sometimes too funky! And the only way to learn how to do the funky stuff is from a guy who knows the ins and outs of Excel, but doesnt know DCHP from Static IPs!! ;) I've been picking up on all the useful little tools and hopefully I will get to be a pro with it soon! No more calculators! Spreadsheets ftw! Man I sound like aloser already eh? 

Anyhow... work's been going ok. Getting busier... stressful too. The thing about being in BD is actually increasing and getting business. Until there's a steady stream, you are not doing enough work. And until you get that pipeline going, it's stressful! Sometimes, I just want to come home and watch some tv or a movie or play WoW... but it's never that easy is it? Hopefully I'll get it all worked out so that I can get some down time and brain drain time. I have figured out that it is one of the most important parts of the day and without it, I might end up going crazy or having pre-mature heart failures lol! Ofcourse I'm not stressing to the point of fainting... but I sure do need to work out that genocide at the end of the day or watch Vadivelu make an idiot of himself for the bagillionth time! I was thinking about yoga before bed... but I come home so tired and stuff... maybe that is a good time to do it. I dunno.. end of day is usually just park my butt on some soft surface time! I guess I'll figure it out eventually.

Bleh... got distracted by heroes.... sucks having to watch it with every 5 minutes streaming piece by piece. anyhow... good thing I started this post so that I can do this whenever it streams etc etc... thus the disjoint post lol. And heroes... is getting weirder by the episode. What the hell is running through that guys head! Oh, no... not weird bad... weird interesting. Now I jsut gotta wait for the next ep.

Ok sleepy time... need my late sunday morning! Hopefully it doesnt rain tomorrow or bring in that stupid cyclone! I hate wet shoes and water logged roads! Oh well, I guess I'll find out when I wake up// gnitey y'all... catch ya on the other side


your favourite vs. my favourite:

it is SO on!
although i should say that Viva La Vida is my least favourite track in the new album and that's the one getting the most flack. it's too sweeping for me!