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April 2011

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Read at your own risk... post after a looooong day!

I think it was about time I came back here... being lazy was one part of it! What made me write this post was a movie that watched tonight... Taare Zameen Par. Literally translated it means stars on the ground, but I think it's how we think about it is the important part.

The movie is about a dyselexic 9 year old who gets shunned by his school, friends and eventually his parents have no choice but to send him away from home to a residential school to get him "disciplined" to get into the grind of studies and careers. The child is lost, depressed and has no one to guide him in the right way and comes close to losing it. Then a teacher in this boarding school guides him and gets him out of it all and he comes out to be a regular student who does well in school and shines as an artist to be recognized by his whole school.

The movie was a masterpiece. I think every aspect of it was done perfect. But it's not only the movie that made me scribble in here... it's the after thoughts that did.

A lot of us get lost in the rut of studying, working, earning a living that we seldom stop to take a breather and wonder what is really going on. The race to be the best at everything, the neverending search for money, always looking at how to optimize for greater efficiency.... is this really all there is? Many of us have dreams that remained dreams.... a subdued part of the concious mind that we want so bad but have realized cannot become reality. Aim for the sky, you would atleast hit the tree is nice to hear and we settle for "why do I want to the hit the tree in the end?". Unless there is a clear path, we stumble... we are scared to wander off course and find ourselves standing naked in a pool of piranhas. Well, to be fair to them fish, the clothes wouldnt have helped anyway, but u get my drift.

Stop and smell the flowers... we've heard that a lot and a lot of us have avenues that we look to for some sort of comfort. Me, I play my guitar, play world of warcraft, watch movies, sit on the beach, yada yada yada. But at the end of my comfort time, there's reality that slaps me in to the world of targets and clients and numbers and bills and what not. I love my job... I am good at what I do... but there is a yearning to do more than just wear formal clothes and see more money come in. I fear that somewhere I will lose my individuality and become a drone that only looks at climbing corporate ladders and raking in more money. What scares me even more is that I realize that part of life is what I need the most at this point. A source of funds to fuel the chase. A constant to keep my variables in the equation.

I get constantly annoyed at things, people, inefficiencies blah blah. I've always known that the reason I get annoyed is not cos of everything else, but myself. I rarely stop to think about why I get annoyed and figure out how to make the best of anything. Instead, I sit and mumble about it for days on and it results in being annoyed for a longer period of time. I sometimes make a concious effort to rewire myself to understand things, but there is only so much a human can do. I've said this many times before but I can never say this enough... life is too short to bicker and cuss and be sad about how things are not working out. I have forgotten this oflate and it's time to do what I can do to bring some joy to anyone. We often calls this a rat race and a wrethched world we live in... I hope to live to see the beauty that is all around me... I hope that I would be able to share this brilliant life with people around me and show them that indeed the human touch is the single most beautiful thing. There is something my dad told me a very long time ago that I have strived very hard to follow... I think it was sometime when I was in college and was reeling off course. "Everyday in everyway, I will be better"... today, I understand what that really means.

I think I will start my guitaring soon... start catching up with a dream that's constantly slipping away... not because I think time is running out... because there is a lot of time on my hands.

Good night everyone. I hope that you can look back at this and say "wow... I wonder what he was smoking!!" and that would make me happy! *hug*



Second of all, I still need to watch Taren Zameen Par 'cos I need my Aamir fix. And I've heard from everyone that it is one hell of a great movie.

Thirdly, I agree with everything you said. One should never forget about truly believe in, truly want to do and be, even with all the reality stuff. Never stop dreaming, that's what I say!

Hope you have a good night :)
The fish reference was just for Harini's benefit, right? ;)

I loved TZP, mostly for bringing attention to a problem that gets ignored quite often in the highly competitive environment that school kids in India find themselves in.

I hope to live to see the beauty that is all around me... I hope that I would be able to share this brilliant life with people around me and show them that indeed the human touch is the single most beautiful thing.

Hear, hear. (And as an afterthought, what are you smoking anyway? ;))

Hope all's well. Post more often!