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April 2011

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Three weeks ago....

Three weeks ago, I went to the airport to pick an aunt up.... instead, I found a tiny boy running like mad who jumped on me! Talk about surprises! For a second, I had no clue what was going on, but my nephew and Bhabi had tagged along with my aunt! The next few weeks of my social life were filled! :D As you know, Bhabi is extra special and I was psyched that this time I can take her out and spend a LOT of q-time. To my other mannis, you are all very special to me too :)

I have no clue where the past 3 weeks went by, but I'm not sad that the time is gone... I'm glad that I got that time! Going from working 14 hours, I was planning so that I can wrap up in 10 and head over to meet my nephew and talk about Transformers till we bore even the walls about it.

We tried a new restaurant in Indra Nagar called Delicasteen (I think) which was a multi cuisine place... After a long time, I was having a sit down dinner with just Bhabi and we just sat there and yakked... no worries about getting home early, no other commitments it was nice to be able to do what we wanted to :D Oh ofcourse, a little tradition of ours, we walked to the corner store and bought some chocobars! I mean we got home after dinner and dessert at about 10:30 or so... and no comments about "why this late, where did u go.." yada yada. I think both os us just loved that part! I'm sure I'll get in trouble for saying that, but hey... I'm a tad over 18 and can figure out when to get home!

I think what I liked most was the fact that I was able to talk to her everyday. We share a very interesting wavelength where we talk about anything under the sun and it was like having a best friend from high school! Ofcourse, we went through a lot of vambu... something that we cant live without lol! What I liked most was that after work, I did not have to come home to think more about it and try to get more things done before bed. I liked that... there was a good balance to life. Something that I probably wont do now that I'm alone. I'm a work drone... always trying to figure things out n all. Also, it was nice that I could talk about a lot of my work stuff around her and get gyaan! Being a noob in the corporate world, it helps a lot to have someone to offload on... and for sure to have someone to always talk to about anything.

"THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME" ... a chant that a 6 year old screams everytime he sees my bike! I think he's seen a lot of Adyar, Mylapore and Santhome on a bike. He also figured out directions at points! It's amazing how spending 15 mins on a bike can cheer a kid up! We went to the beach (Marina), a game arcade, toy shopping in Mylapore and it's nice to see the world through a kid's eyes! We built sand castles, splashed around in the water... and got our trousers, shoes and everything else we walked on sandy!! Oh the best part.... we went toy shopping in Mylapore. He wanted to buy two toys and we looked through all the road side shops around the Kapaleeswarar kovil kolam for something he liked. We bought something called Bakugan... they're balls that open up into some characters when you throw them on magnetic cards. Interesting and amazing at how many of these things there are! So at one store, he wanted to buy one and I asked the price of this toy. The guy said 70 rupees. Prannu for a second said "70 RUPEES" that is a lot of monies! So I looked at the kid and said, yes that is a lot of monies... how much do you want to pay? He shrugged innocently and I asked him if 40 is a good price. He said ok and I look at the store owner and tell him, the kid said 40 and he had no choice but to sell the toy at Rs. 40! Cool eh, he's bargaining an all at 6!!  Oh and we watched the classic Transformers.. the one from 1988... he was blown away by the number of transformers he's seen! His favorite now is Grimloc.. the leader of the dinobots! Thanks to me, Ravi is gonna have a hard time lol. I just opened up pandora's box full of transformers for this kid! Oh we also had to do Pizza Hut for Prannu... he loves it.. I mean, he goes crazy there! Playing with all the kids in the play pen and getting all ready for some nice pizza and sody pop! The pizza was kinda sad that night, but still.. he was happy! 

Extending the bike rides to the mom, Bhabi finally got on the bike to go more than 100 feet! See, I am a safe rider! She actually toured all of Adyar and took a trip on ECR to Neelankarai with me. If you ask me, that's the only way to travel! The wind in your face on a mild sunny day :D Talk about a relaxed Saturday... well atleast for me! I think I'm the official chauffuer now! It's just so much easier than taking an auto and car to places and getting chores done. No parking hassles, traffic hassles!

Oh I forgot... we also went to this restaurant called the Rainforest. This is an underground restaurant that is themed as a rainforest. They have fountains, water ways, bamboo furniture, monkeys hanging around, crocodiles etc etc... one place that kids will freak out! Well, they had soft toys for all the animals, but still... they've done the place well. The only problem is that it's too freakin popular. We had a wait of an hour and 20 mins on a wedensday evening... WEDNESDAY! People really like to eat out! In all, a good outing tho. Another 11 pm night :) 

Man, I have so much to write... but I think I will save it for my next post... time to hit the sack and on a happy note :D Come over folks... this place is great! So many things to do and so many places to see! Oh and our bet is still on Bhabi... December! 

Good night and sleep well! Tomorrow will be great! 


Sounds like an awesome time was had by all! :) Thanks for totally corrupting my nephew by showing him city life on the back of a bike. Now he'll want a bike too (and probably a Transformer one at that)!

And hey, what an expert haggler he's turned out to be, lol.

I wonder if the Rainforest there is the same as the one over here...plastic pythons hanging out of trees and what not. Fun stuff for a kid, I bet.

Good to see you back on LJ. Update more often...
Sounds like a mad fun time! Aw glad you, manni and Prannu got to spend loads of quality time. You def. needed it :)

Sigh, now I'm REALLY missing India. More than I have the last few days. Thanks a lot!