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Nov. 2nd, 2008

Chennai Manaragam... where did all the cute chicas go off to???

I know it's been a week... and sorry abt not keeping this place updated. It's just been crazy with working late and generally being pretty tired. I got a small shot of the flu to add to it, so basically outta commission for the weekend. Anyhow... I hope to try and get a few more posts in this week!

So the week at work went on pretty ok. We had a few more client visits and pretty much had decent meetings. We have follow up meetings this week and some new ones, so more smart marketing and client interaction in the cards. It's getting to be a lot of fun! Oh actually, I demo'ed my product to the team with one of ur bosses. That demo kinda bombed cos I was caught off guard. It's no excuse, but I need to work on it to get my shiz right. I'm already halfway through to getting a nice structured approach and a set of questions for which I need to be prepared to answer up my sleeve. I guess the moral of that patheitc meeting is to be prepared and more proactive in terms of anticipating what the person on the . other side of the table is gonna ask. More work to do! lol

so our CTO is in town and we're setting up a few meetings while he's around and basically getting his help in figuring out our marketing strategies and techie details figured out. I guess we're also trying to fix a lot of the tech stuff here before he goes.. so more work for him! He's a real cool chap. Pretty patient and listens to what you've got to say before he interrupts. We've had a few phone conversations where he's explained things and we've gone into some tech details, but I intend to make his life miserable by asking him more questions while he's here! I need to get stuff sorted out here for myself before I go to clients and blabber stuff that we dont even have ready. Good deal eh? ;)

So the week kinda went by. Friday I woke up with a fever, but I had to go into work to send off a document to a client. So got there, got it done, spent some more time working and left by 5 cos I couldnt' stand it anymore. Got home, made some mammu and got dinner over by 7. Wow.. super early dinner eh! I figured I'd go to bed by 8 or something and sleep till 6 and be ready for the gurukal n stuff. But I started reading and kept reading till around 11. Atleast I had a quiet, un-interrupted night where I just chilled out. I guess that was enough to drive the fever away and I woke up the next morning pretty fresh and feeling better. Didnt do much the entire day... perfect weekend again :P Hema, Raju, Vicky and I went out in the evening tho. We had dinner at mansukhs... parathas, dhoklas and chaat ! Gooooood stuff. And then we decided to hit up this new joint in town.. a Tapas bar called Zaras. I've never been to a tapas bar before, so this was a nice experience. Tho we didnt eat, I got a feel for what it really is. We sat there and had a fun time talking about a buncha stuff. The sad thing is that, I didnt see any pretty girls! Actually, I saw one girl, but she was dressed in a full armed sweater kinda top which just made me think... what the hell was she thinking when she stepped out into the sweaty night?? Anyways, it's just weird that for a city where most hang outs used to be cute girls, just became bleh! Well I guess on one side, Hema's argument that I'm turning into a kezha bolt sounds valid... or w/e!

Anyhow... before I keep rambling, I'm gonna turn in cos I have a VERY early morning tomorrow. So need all mah sleep! But I shall come back tomorrow to give you some more shtuff! Have a good night and start the week off with a bang!! Peace out y'all

Oct. 27th, 2008

WOOT... my first 3 day weekend! Total masti with Deepavali added to the equation.

So it's Deepavali today.. so I shall start with wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Deepavali. May the light never fade. It's surprising how a lot of the people these days dont seem to remember that Deepavali is the festival of lights. I guess they'll know eventually! So my new outfit is a kurta from flab india... courtesy Ravi, Bhabi, Raju and Hemali. Thank you folks.. this is awesome! I'm sure Ravi is gonna get a crack outta this when he sees the pic, but oh well.

So... my weekend was the awesome! Super fun time with the cousins & nephews. I finally got to meet Arvind. Man that kid is tall as hell! And he's one super samatthu kodam. Well with a mom like Sasi, I can only imagine. I think he needs some time away from home now that he's working n all. Not cos it's a bad thing he's at home, just cos it will be nice for him. Yea I'm sure a lot of people will be angry at me for saying that. Anyhow... atleast he wont become like me!!! That seems to be the popular comment floating around. Eh well, I like myself and I dont see anything wrong the way I turned out.

Anyhow... the kids were here and we decided to go out for dinner and just spend the night playing cards. We went out to mattas yet again. It's just good cheap food! Imagine... 6 of us ate hearty dinners.. with soup, side dishes and main courses. 370 bucks. Well, it's a roadside joint and you have to sit on the pavement.. but you have the fantastic view of the chennai traffic! Anyhow we ate dinner which was good and then decided to grab pani pooris while we were at it. There's yet another roadside cart that Naveen knew somewhere in rangarajapuram that we went to. About 6 pooris later, we're all just in the zone! I'm sure most of you are like, god knows what water he used and wonder how long it's been sitting outside.. but that adds more flavor :P And its all these places that dont make you sick. I dunno.. maybe I'm just back to being the good 'ol porukki that I used to be! hehe

So from dinner and a snack, we got home to start our cards session. Ofcourse we played temperature. The night got off to a great start! Vijay declared in the first round and had 2 people beat him! From then on, it was just amazing. We started at 10 or something and stopped at 4:30 in the morning. Oh the best part is that we were all up by 9 or 9:30. Well, we had originally planned to go to the beach at 6 if we all woke up.. but guess that didnt happen ;) . So we woke up and were just lazing around until we decided that we will go to this resort out in mahabs. So we left for that sometime in the afternoon... actually around 12. It was a long drive there cos of the traffic. This is actually 5 or so kilometers before mahabs. Naveen was driving and it felt nice to be out on the ECR. It wasnt too hot either, so perfect day to get out. We reached the resort and why this far and this place was cos we'd have their pool all to ourselves. And yes.. it was empty. 5 of us just going crazy. Yea Arvind went home cos his mom wanted him back. So we were in the pool for a couple of hours... well we took breaks to have fries and pakoda and some soda  pop... and we were playing kabbadi in the smaller pool. Man Vijay is just a monster! He basically took the spotlight. So after eating n swimming we drove back to the city. This time it was even better :P We got back in good time and had the wind in our faces.

I got home soon after we grabbed something to eat. We headed to dandu maama's house for dinner with the family. Well we went there to take a look at the celebrations and all the crackers the kids were blowing up. The night sky was full of rockets! So many of them... from all sides! It was a noisy and colorful night! So after sometime we grabbed dinner and I spent time talkin to cheeku and bali after a long time. Got home sometime later and I was so tired that I passed out soon after I hit the bed. I seem to be getting lesser sleep everyday and I'm sure gonna make it up this coming weekend! 

So... I'm off to have some amazing mammu at the peris... You folks have a good day and some good mammu! Cya laters

Oct. 24th, 2008

Ratatouille... maybe it is time to think a little seriously :P

So work today went on for the rest of the day pretty uneventful... well actually, I got feedback on the proposal I sent and we'll be meeting the dudes next week and lets see if I can do something :)

Well... the news of the day is that it rained like mad again. Imagine... sunny morning and it rains for about 3 hours this evening. From like 3 to 6:30 or so. Ofcourse the roads were more like lakes and we had to wade through the waters to get out of the office! Almost 2 feet of water... or maybe a foot and a half in most places. Good rains! I hope this gets enough in the reservoirs to sail us through the next year. Anyhow.. got home kinda early at 7 and made me some amazing rava upmaav. unfortunately I didnt enjoy it as much cos the damn dvds I tried to watch were not working. So I finished dinner and figured I'd watch a nice cartoon and ratatouille was right there! 

It's not a secret that I love cooking... and love ffod even more! My tummy would provide sufficient proof of that :P And I think maybe I should have the plans of a joint somewhere in the future. For some odd reason, I wont put the details of it online.. you know privacy and piracy. But the plans are grand and I think an all veggie place would be nice. Just cos I'm a veggie and I think my mom will butcher me if I even thought about making and serving meat. lol.... well I guess also cos I dont know too much about it and since I cant taste the stuff, I doubt I can do it much justice. With the veggies, I'm pretty sure I can blow ur mind! So veggie place... maybe a small one to start off with. A swank place with some nice ambient music. Like a lot of people say that wines are paired with food, I'd like to think that there is a nice connection between music and food. for example, with a burger, you wouldnt want something mellow like kings of convenience (yes harini, that's what I'm listening to :)))). Some good classic rock like purple or queen would be nice. And maybe some very nice carnatic music with some traditional dosa, idly, idiyaapam and upma. Maybe kings of convenience with a meal of some mild food like kashmiri pulao and navratan kurma. Mild music for a mild taste.... probably koothu music for kotthu parota and the greasy local favorites. hmm... italian with something like classic concerto stuff. There's just some magic to enjoying a nice portobello mushroom ravioli in an alfredo sauce and a classical violin duo (Ask kart and shuba... they'll tell u.. hehe).... ooh... or a tomato bisque with some swiss chesse accompanied by some nice light music.. I cant seem to put my finger on it, but I can hear it. You get the point tho... Every dish comes alive with the right ambience.... which is what I will achieve! 

With every time that I think about this seriously, I end up adding a few zeroes to end of my budget! Man, at this rate, I'll only be a chef when I'm 60! Maybe it wont be so bad... I want to do this perfect and if that's how long it takes, so be it! To the rest of you who want the specifics of my plans, hit me up :P I'm such a food junkie that I cant think of much else hehe.

Well, the night's just started but I'm gonna ned it by going to bed early... well earlier than I usually do... with a vision of the perfect dish, accompanied by the perfect drink in the kind of ambience that makes you lose yourself! If I havent freaked you out yet, I guess you are immune to my nonsense by now :) Good night and I will see ya tomorrow! 

Quikkly jukkly post (read it the mallu way :P)

For all you mallu folks out there, sorry, that's how u say it and I will love hearing it each time :P

Anyhow... just wanted to add a quick line saying that today marked yet another important milestone for me. I have been working on a proposal for a client who we met for the past couple of days. I initiated the client interaction, did the meetings, steered the demo in our favor and finally did the proposal for them. Ofcourse, its our team that managed it and it's foolish to say that I did it alone. But, I did the most of it and have emailed to the client. Woot! Let's see if he takes it, that would be the shiz!

More to come tonight. :)

Oct. 23rd, 2008

Targets... made just to scare the bejeepers outta you... I guess I'm going head first !!!

So today on the radio, they were talking about how chennai has a better sense of humor than most other places in desh. Yea I s'pose that is true... ofcourse we have our usual crowd of psychos here, but in general it's a pretty funny place where the folks are halfway decent! Oh and if they play that song oh shanti again, I'm gonna break something! I listen to the fast version every damn morning and the slow one in the evening. Cmon u stupid radio stations.. there are much better songs out there! I dont care if the public dont love it... introduce them to some new stuff!

Anyhow, I've been doing these business plans and revenue forecasting for the past week or so and I've realized that these targets are pretty high to say the least! Everytime my colleague and I say the numbers aloud, we're like "Holy crap... that's what we're gonna bring in?? " On one hand, we're gonna ride our asses till we get there... whereas on the other, we cant just sit back and wonder where the hell we put ourselves! Well I also guess that we've done quite a bit of thinking and these numbers look pretty decent with all our plans going. If we get our shiz right, we might even get there quicker. Which is ofcourse what I'm gonna work towards. We're amatuers in this field of nasty players... we've only got one thing to say to our competition... Another one bites the dust baby! I think I've pretty much gotten into the corporate roller coaster. I find myself doing so many different things each day that I swear, I'm gonna have skill sets flowing outta my ears! 

Anyhow... dad's out at port blair today... and he's back on saturday. No... no parties... havent u read enough about my wor schedule to tell you that I'm also now a proper corporate loser? :P Well, atleast for now. I need to get down to some serious gymming and stuff soon. I guess the new year is a good time to start? Haha, ok earlier than that.

So yet another day comes to an end. Crap load of work done today... and I had a great dinner of a bowl of instant thai noodle soup. It's not too bad.. Knorr have this thai curry noodle soup. Ofcourse you cant eat it everyday, but for those days when all u want to do is put ur legs up and relax, it's great! I know Harini... I will cook something tomorrow which involves some fresh ingredients. If it is any consolation, I made a mixed rice this morning and took it for lunch. So I'm not THAT lazy just yet! 

Ok brain shutting down... Or rather, it's grooving with john mayer in this song called Covered in Rain. I suggest y'all hear it. It's on utube. The guy is just plain genius! Sigh... I guess I'm gonna have to budget a bass guitar and an amp sometime soon. Just cannot live w/o it anymore. I finally feel like playing and dont have my baby with me. I hope that kid harish plays it sometime! Anyways... good night folks. Wake up to a refreshing morning that leads into a brilliant day! And if you can, grab a LOVE IT size of chocolate devotion and think of me :P... Aaahhhhh chocolate... I think I should stop right there. MY brain is doing some weird stuff! 

Mental Mastrubation... what a phrase! It's exactly what we've been doing for the last week!

So form daily blogging I've gone down in frequency and have disappeared for a while. It's not cos I dont want to blog, it's just that too much of fried brain does not help when trying to write something :P

So the week went off to a cool start. We've been pretty busy trying to get things going and work towards closing them deals and finally seeing some moola! The first half of the week went off in meetings and as my Director puts it, in "mental mastrubation". No no, it's no more brainstorming.. that's passe! ;)

So basically I've been making brochures, presentations, getting marketing/business strategies done, forecasting revenues, planning a whole bunch of stuff! Oh and to add to this, I'm organizing an event for the company! Event management all over again.. hehe.. Ranju will be happy! She always wanted me to go that route and leave the office number crunching and software coding to the certified geeks out there who would sprout roots if they took their shoes off! No offense to them, but it's just not my cup of tea. Plus, it's just more fun getting out and meeting new people and cute secretaries! No mom, I'm kidding! I'm just being goofy cos it's been a while! 

Anyhow, after a very long time, I met Hema and her friends Kumudha and Jyothi. It had been atleast 15-16 years since I met Jo and ofcourse she couldnt believe that the little kid grew up. I mean, I say the same to all the kids I've seen grow up! And well it has been 15 years.. if I hadnt grown up, well lets put it this way.. it wouldnt have been pretty. So it was a lot of fun having some good company and just talking about random stuff. I like how after the initial "oh my god, kid grew up", we got into good 'ol fun conversations. Plus, sitting with 3 pretty women is always a plus :)

Oh I almost forgot! It's been raining cats and dogs and cows! The whole city was under water for a good part of the day today. Also, yesterday the schools were closed cos of the rain. So you can imagine a good two days of rain. The weather is def cooler... sadly it's still muggy and blecch! So this morning I took my bike out and decided to take the kodambakkam bridge to work cos the subway was sure to be screwed. Well, I got to panagal park and the water levels were already at my ankle. Oh well... went for a bit and as soon as I hit usman road, it had reached about a foot. Got close to bazullah road and it was a foot and a half. I was so proud that I hadnt gotten my legs soaked in the water and stuff and that no one had yet sprayed me. Oh well.. all good things have to come to an end. I got close to habibullah road. KNEE DEEP WATER! !@#^@^%^*$ Yes... buhbaaya dry shoes and socks! Oh well... so much for that.. time to carry on. The one good though.. eventhough this bike is a piece of crap, it did not stop one time. It's pretty high and I love it for not stopping anywhere! So I finally got to the bridge and from there it was pretty much no water. Well, until I hit samiyar madam. Damn it.. so much traffic. It took me 20 minutes to get from samiyar madam to my office. That's a distance of hardly half a kilometer. All in the water! Stupid stupid drainage system. Shoes even wetter, I finally got to work. Well ofcourse the interior roads were also flooded. I guess I swam my way to work on mah bike today! Multi-utility FTW! Oh and Chennai live 104.8 FM!!! I swear I'd have shot myself from boredom if I didnt have the FM going on. Say what you may, I can still ride a bike perfectly well and listen to the FM. Ofcourse I'm not blasting it in my ears, just loud enough that I enjoy the talks and music. And it so happened that today's topic was "What is the right age to get married"... hilarious! My fav answer to that question "Por que???"

I guess I need to cut this short yet again... it's 12:30 am and I've been working till now and I really need to snooze. Brain drained and spent! Good night y'all.. I have a big day tomorrow and cant wait to get there! Cya on the other side.. have a great day!

Oct. 19th, 2008

No no.. I'm still here and still blogging!

Yes... I'm not trying to slack off... just been busy/tired and basically very screen tired to do more as soon as I get home. So I guess I will be a little spread out in my blogging so that I dont go blinder faster!

Anyways, I think I left off on Tuesday or wednesday... that's when appa had left to Ladakh. I spoke to him the night before in Delhi and figured I'd talk to him as soon as he reached. So I tried calling all day. No answer. Ok this is odd... phone switched off and sometime later in the day I realize that I didnt get any details of his stay there. BULB! How did that slip my mind? Was I so busy working that I forgot to ask dad that? Man that was sad. I didnt have a clue and didnt even know where to start. Anyhow... long story short, I got the family all super tense and eventually it all got ok cos dad called me the next day and stuff. Note to self... get the details BEFORE you do anything!

So the rest of thw work week went off pretty ok. The days were still packed with work but I was atleast leaving work at some reasonable time. Well atleast that was friday. The other days were still 9 pm days or later. And I couldnt wait for friday cos I was gonna spend the weekend with hema, raju and ravi! WooT!!! I was just so glad I got outta work at 6:30 on friday! Amazing.. felt like I had the whole evening left. Started the super long drive to noombal. Ok I figured it'll take me a fair amount of time... atleast I'd be able to weave in and out and get there in a decent time. What I didnt realize was that traffic was still a B* and that everyone was thinking the same. So I got going and evetually got there. A LOOOOOOOOONG time later. Man, it's amazing how many cars and vehicles there are... Anyways, I got there to see hema and raju and lil tyrone! He's just so cute. Well, he was scared of me cos he doesnt really remember me from a few months ago. So it took a bit of time to warm up and then it was maama time! :) It was nice catching up with raju and hema. Basically just yakking and aratai. Then Ravi came home... the party started lol. We sat around just talking and talking and was too much fun. Turned in for the night and did it all over again the next day. Man, perima just cooked and cooked and we ate and talked pretty much the entire time. Well, we broke that routine to go shopping at anna nagar which took a looong time but came back and did the same thing the next day. Perfect weekend! Just laze and talk to family. I think I miss a lot of the folk. So these tiny weekend meets just make me real happy.

Finally got home late on sunday afternoon and did some stuff around here. Getting ready for the work week. Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day at work. Knowing what we're up against the coming week, I'm just all ready for it baby! Sorry I'm getting boring in my posts, but I promise to get some interesting stuff in soon! Tired and sleepy do not add to a very creative writer! So g'nite and catch ya laters folks.

Oct. 15th, 2008

Planning, planning and more execution...

So the start of the week went off in a blur... actually I think the entire period I've been working went off in a blur... particularly a blur of planning and meetings and marketing!

So yesterday we went to Siruseri. This is a place on old mahabs road past guduvanchery. There is a HUGE... I mean HUGE IT park there sanctioned by the government. I'm talking about atleast 50 million sq ft in office space alone. And that figure could be less. There are about 50 companies there and with TCS (tata) being the biggest player. They have a super big and classy design on the way and it looks great. Designed by an architect from Uruguay it looks great on design. Lets see if it comes to implementation. Anyways, we went there to seek some business. Man the drive up was LONG! Well, an hour... but an hour for 25 kilometers. Good thing the road is nice. Once we entered the park, we found out that it was still under development. How you say? There was no road leading in. It was a stone path and if the drive wont tire you, that half a kilometer will put your guts in parts of the body you never knew existed. Anyhow, we met some folks there and looks like we will try to drive some business there. These accounts will be big and if we can bag a few of them, it'll be real good.

We got back for lunch and one of our bosses had got lunch for all of us. This was from some caterer who apparently is pretty decent. Well, the food wasnt awesome, but it was good. Oh and only cost each person 30 rupees. :) For y'all who're calculating dollars, it's about 75 cents! Yes, I just had to rub that in :P It came with rice, sambhar, rasam, keerai (not everyday harini ;)), curry and buttermilk. Not bad for 30 bucks. I guess whenever dad's not here, we will grab the same and have a team lunch where we discuss more stuff to work on. More team dynamics ftw! So after that, we had to head for a demo to a company in CIT nagar. Glad it was close by! This was interesting. Cos we went with our tech admin and he had to set this thing up on their network. They are a decent sized company but man... they need to improve their infrastructure. A conference room w/o networking sux. Anyhow, we got into their tech room, did out demo and sat down with their VP for discussions. This was very interesting. He was one of a kind and shot straight questions. Thinking about it, I kinda feel bad that I stole the focus and did all the explaining and marketing basically. I think I gave him the best answers showing him how we solve anything he needs. I also explained how one of his requirements was not legal just yet, (yes I did that homework :P) but with our system, it's only a matter of spending 10 minutes connecting one cable and he's set. I think he bought it but didnt give us the sale right then cos he was playing the dime game. They're a company who deal with money exhange and stuff so they're all about the figures. Anyways, we need to send them some stuff and we'll see. If this comes through, this will be my first sale :P 

Anyhow, I think I need to get ready and pay some bills before I head to work.. so will continue in my next post! Hope y'all have a great day! Cya laters

Oct. 13th, 2008

So I asked for a blade to cut paper and I get a hacksaw... paper dude... not the tree!!!

So it's been a pretty busy weekend etc and ofcourse mondays are fun!

The weekend pretty much went by at rocket speed. Spent most of saturday at home... got some work done while watching more mind your language... good times! Then went to see Vidya in the evening... ofcourse she wasnt there. I bought a nice big bar of dairy milk so left it at their door. She called later to let me know that she got it, so I'm glad no one took it :P

Sunday, we went to rukumani's! And what a lunch we had! Venkaya sambhar, poondu rasam, beans curry, manja pooshinikkai curry and vadam. Bliss!!!! poondu rasam took the cake though. Yes it is garlicy... that's the BEST part! Anyhow we spent some time there with the cousins and headed home later in the afternoon. We also hit up Agasthiar kovil cos it was white teddy's b'day yesterday. So we did a vada malai poojai for him and generally prayed that he doesnt forget me :P Naa just kidding, for good health and blah blah the usual. So sunday ended with the usual stuff.

I wake up this morning and it's raining... no actually it was pouring! I mean it was 7 and pitch dark and raining like crap! So much for a day when I thought I wanted to take my suit n all for a meeting. I guess auto was the ride to work. But then soon after I finished breakfast, it stopped and the sun peeked out! So bike it was! No suit tho... I'm sure some whack job will happily spray the abundant dirty rain water all over me. And ofcourse that's what happened. Luckily it wasnt that bad and I gave him a good piece of my mind. Fantastic... got my laziness out on him :P So far a great morning! Yes I'm sadistic at times and it's what keeps my engine oiled! Anyhow, I got to work soon after and was put into gear the minute I walked in. We had to get a bunch of stuff done. I also learned how to make excel sheets that are useful :P Use formulas across sheets and basically make it so that we can get a whole load of stuff from the stuff we put in. So I changed my docchu (as sai puts it) sheet into one super duper one. The next half of the day went in meetings. Tomorrow is a demo and we were trying to figure out what to do and how we were gonna do that effectively so that they come back and say "hey, sign us up". Got that planning done and I headed out to get a few print outs of our brochure cos the printer hadnt gotten the proofs yet for the mass one. Man, it's amazing how good and bad these guys in the printing shops are. They're good at getting stuff done on the pc, but when it comes to printing it, man they're just so.... inefficient. The guy wasted about 7 sheets where we only needed 5 copies cos he couldnt figure which way went in to get the right direction on the backside. Oh well... about an hour later we walk out with the stuff and get back to the office to cut the sheets and get it ready. So we start the look for stationery to cut it. You wont belive it. We couldnt find a blade. So I went up and finally found someone who had it.... well atleast something that's also called a blade. He gave me a scale and a Hacksaw blade. Yes... Hacksaw... the ones that cut wood, pvc, etc. I stared at the guy for a sec and he's like, "sir, paper cut pannum"... I'm sure it'll cut it man... just... Hacksaw????? Freaks!
Anyhow, I'm gonna buy some stationery and charge it to them tomorrow. I need the stuff and it's pretty sad that we dont have access to it.

So anyways the day came to an end and we went to the old JAA flats later to get that stupid tenant to clear out.. but ofcourse she was out and avoided us. I think I'll pay her a visit every week to put the pressure on. Or maybe I shud get some police strings pulled :P oh well... life goes on. And it is that time of the night where I'm passing out at the keyboard. So will sign off and call it a night! Good night y'all. Tomorrow will always be better... tomorrow is a brand new day and ride it!

Oct. 10th, 2008

Friday night parties.... whaaaaa?

So it was the end of the week and I was ready to just kick it and relax yet again. I guess it turned out to be a relaxed evening... nothing special!

Friday at work went off pretty ok. I think we got lots of work done in terms of action items. Got our business plan done, got a good set of clients lined up for the next week, talked to the printer to get brochures done etc etc... the only thing that didnt happen was, the damn demo kit did not come!

We've been waiting for this demo kit for a while now and it's really getting annoying not being able to have an essential item for our marketing stuff! I mean I understand that it has to come a long way and that customs have to take 2 weeks to clear this stuff... but it's just too long when we're trying to get customers pronto! Anyhow, more meetings and stuff just made the day go by faster. I've got more things to do and I'm glad that I can just relax at home and do all this stuff.

The evening went on quiet... had dinner and turned on mind your language. The series from the 80s I think... It's amazing stuff! I'd suggest that you pick it up or rent it and watch the show! It's not the greatest comedy show, but it's great entertainment for it's time. With loads of snappy brit humor, it's just a fun way to spend the evening at home.

I guess I'm not making this my usual size entry, just cos I'm tired and want to sleep more than anything. So much for a late friday night eh? I also guess that my body has gotten used to the 11 to 6 routine and it's just refusing to accept that I can stay up longer! Growing older FTL... yes I'm not THAT old, but still... :P

I shall have more stuff to update tomorrow and will cya then! Good night!

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