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April 2011

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An anniversary that hopefully leads to more ;)

So today is a special date in my calendar... it was the day I started my first real job in the corporate world! Yay! I survived a whole year without driving people nuts at work and thankfully them not driving me out lol! 

So a year ago I ventured into Business Development with no clue on what it was and my only thought was man, this was the perfect profile I'd fit! And I still stand by it... this IS the best fit for me and makes me enjoy each day! I guess the fact that I get to learn new stuff everyday is just too exciting to pass! Add to it a Great team and there you have it... a mantra for success! In this year, I've been trying to sell a solution to people here in Chennai and man it's been a roller coaster ride (literally) in doing multiple demos and visits to clients! But I think the icing on the cake is that my team has finally cracked a client who we prospected on our own, did our own BD for and spent countless hours meeting with them. Well, I am the manager for that account, but good job team! I think I would go down in Sales history as the first guy to have sold something after a year into his career... hehehe I dont care, but Ima happy :)

To add to the fun, I also have a new bike... my beauty! A Bajaj Avenger cruiser... at 200 cc and enough power to move my big self around :D! Oh and its so comfy my butt keeps thanking me! So does my back... and every other part of my body I guess! lol. The only sucky part is that I have to run the engine in for 2000 kms and man that's gonna be long! Until then I cant unleash the beast in it! But hopefully that should be done in a couple of months... lets see. And it's blue... I know Harini, black is sexier, but imagine riding down the coastal highway with the sunrise, a cool wind in your face and then think about the coooooool blue ;) Yup... that's it :D And I guess I never wanted something that was a chick magnet... it's more like a filter to get the crazy chicks out... the ones that think the bike is hawt, got their head screwed in right :P And yes, I am taking rain checks for rides :D ... charges are a beer and chocolates hehehehehehe

Oh so since my folks have been back, they've had a hard time adjusting to the fact that I work late and only get home by 10 or 10:30 and then have dinner and all. On most days I get a reminder call from my dear mother reminding me that there is a home with food waiting! Oh man, I gotta tell you, it's such a good feeling to have mom and food waiting at home! When the folks were not here, dinner was mostly a sad affair with soup or take out... now it's hardly either! I think since mom got back, I havent even bought a packet of soup! Hmmm... soup... i need to pick a pack up :P But yea, getting back to the point... I come home late, I work late, I go out and come back late and sometimes I go grab beer with the guys right? 

Oh man, mom and I had "the talk" where she was like, I think you are having something that is making you fat. *straight face* "what are u talking about mom?" Dude, it took all of my strength to keep that straight face on! I could not stop laughing at her remark! Anyhow, so I told her that I drink beer and I like having a good chill out session with the guys or my colleagues or in general, friends! And you should have seen her face... all serious and sad and ready to cry! I had to tell her to relax and explain why it's nice to have some time off and beer just seems to go well with unwinding :)... ofcourse she didnt buy it, but I also did mention that at most times, it's just 1 drink and I'm home and it's more the company and the talking that we look forward to.... which is actually true! I def need the de-stressing that a beer brings about after each week at work! And seriously, one beer a week is kinda pathetic for someone like me! Oh well, I guess I'll be content with what I have! So yea, now she still asks me all the time, but I dont feel guilty and lie to her face and I'm atleast having somewhat of a relationship with them. I seriously hated the times where it was just get angry, go to my room and blast the music! I guess that's another thing that is freaking her out... that I tend to sit down and talk about everything! I'm on a zero tolerance for this stupid 10 year old treatment with her now... seriously... u get angry, dont be stupid about it and just let it build up.. u talk it over and carry on with life! As it is my folks have a bagillion things to crib and whine about without me adding to their misery... so my little bit of atleast forcing my mother to sit down and listen to my blah blahs!


So yea... a year later, I'm still earning, beering, partying, chilling, enjoying and I think I will enjoy this a lot lot longer! Feels like a huge milestone and I truly think it is... around the same time last year, it was really hazy and i was lost before I got this job! Anywho, like my bhabi says... everyday is a new day and it will be great! And I think this post would be kinda incomplete without shouting out a big thanks to everyone who was trying to knock some sense into my head and didnt stop trying! Ofcourse, Bhabi takes the cake and she knows that I have a special treat for her ;)

I guess time for snoozes y'all... be good and take it easy! Shall see ya in a bit!


Congrats on the anniversary...and also on bringing your moms up to speed re: beer! ;)

(I know it's rough, but somewhere in the SOP for Tam-Brahm moms, there's an entire chapter dedicated to passive-aggressive mind control of children! I recommend reading it...as soon as I'm done writing up the SOP manual, lol!)
Congrats on the anniversary! *sending you virtual beer and chocolates to celebrate* :)

LOL. Yeah I've definitely gotten to the point where I just don't want to storm away and vent about it in my head. Actually, I just try to steer clear of any arguments and rows with the 'rents because it's exhausting! And it's always the same thing! Can't bother with it anymore...I've got other things to do lol.

Still think the black is sexier. But hey, to each his/her own.